Research Highlights

The affiliates of the C-Centre range from budding colleagues and up-and-coming scholars to the most established professors. They are known for their productivity in and contribution to various subfields in communication, including new media, political communication, journalism studies, public opinion, public relations, advertising, media industry, international communication, gender studies, and critical communication. Their works are published by respectable publishers and impactful journals. They are among the most active participants in international conferences. While Greater China forms the major context of their studies, they engage in collaborative and comparative studies involving other parts of the world. Here is a selection of projects that have received support from Hong Kong’s General Research Fund since 2008:

Prof. Francis L.F. Lee A communicative event perspective on political scandals
Prof. Sora Kim Explicating the role of corporate social responsibility communication
Prof. Anthony Y.H. Fung Transformation of cultural identities and comic production
Prof. Saskia Witteborn Transit communication and forced migration
Prof. Michael C.M. Chan Using social media for political and civic engagement
Prof. Hsuan Ting Chen Network agenda setting and selective exposure
Prof. Clement Y.K. So The changing journalistic paradigms
Prof. Donna S.C. Chu Gendering teenage bodies
Prof. Joseph M. Chan Accounting for the rise and fall of collective memory

The C-Centre takes particular pride in its affiliates’ competence in travelling readily in and out of Eastern and Western scholarship, serving to facilitate exchange in the global community of scholars. They aspire to collaborate with researchers from around the world in the effort to advance knowledge together.