Below are the recent publications published by affiliates of C-Centre in AY2017-2019. The publications are listed under four categories:

I Books
II Book Chapters
III Journal Articles
IV Conference Papers


I. Books

Author list Title Year Details
A Fung.Cultural Policy and East Asian Rivalry: The Hong Kong Gaming Industry 2018
利嘉敏互聯網 + 企業公關案例與策略 2018
LEE Ka Man Betty公關智商 2018
Lee, Francis L. F., & Chan, Joseph ManMedia and Protest Logics in the Digital Era: Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement 2018
魏然, 周樹華, 羅文輝 Media Effects and Social Change 媒介效果與社會變遷 2019
Smets K., Leurs K., Georgiou M., Witteborn S., Gajjala R. The SAGE Handbook of Media and Migration 2019
LAM Wing Chi (吳博林), Siu Hung Super Marketing──2020+ Marketing 101新視界 2019
Debra L. Merskin, CHAN Che Ming (Associate Editor) The SAGE International Encyclopedia of Mass Media and Society 2019
Anthony Fung, Alice Chik Made in Hong Kong: Studies in Popular Music 2020
譚蕙芸天愈黑,星愈亮 ── 反修例運動的人和事 2020


II. Book Chapters

Author list Title Year Details
Hoyng Rolien.Logistics of the Accident: E-Waste Management in Hong Kong 2018
HUANG Yi Hui公共關係學科的正當性危機 2018
黃懿慧, 呂琛 卓越理論 2018
KIM Sora, JI Yingru Gap Analysis 2018
Lee Annisa Lai, Stiller Stephan Innovations in the Area of Social Media 2018
LEE Lap Fung, CHAN ManSocial Mobilization for Large-Scale Protests: From the July 1 Demonstration to the Umbrella Movement 2018
LEE Lap FungOpinion Media: From Talk Radio to Internet Alternative Websites 2018
RUDNICK Lisa, WITTEBORN Saskia, EDMONDS Ruth Engaging Change: Exploring the Adaptive and Generative Potential of Cultural Discourse Analysis Findings for Policies and Social Programs 2018
WITTEBORN SaskiaDigital Diaspora: Social Alliances Beyond the Ethno-National Bond 2019
CHU Shun Chi DonnaBlogs and Bloggers 2019
FUNG Ying Him AnthonyBook review: Chinese Fans of Japanese and Korean Pop Culture: Nationalistic Narratives and International Fandom 2018
蘇鑰機陳韜文李立峯、楊志剛、陳智傑 媒體解碼:時事背後 2019
Henry Jenkins, Elizabeth Saad Correa, Anthony Fung, Tanja Bosch Making Media: Observations and Futures 2019
LEE Lap Fung Francis堅持三十年的良心守護人 2019
LEE Lap Fung Francis流動的人、流動的傳播 2019
FUNG Ying Him Anthony, YIN Yiyi New Productive Culture: Shanzhai or Second Degree of Creatiom? 2019
Wei RanMobile Media and Political Communication: Connect, Communicate, and Participate 2020
Jessica Kong, Anthony FungThe Politicization of Music through Nostalgic Mediation: The Memory in “Boundless Oceans, Vast Skies” 2020
方可成, 賈宸琰 2018年全球新聞業研究趨勢 2019
Chan M., Chen H.-T., Lee F.Hong Kong 2020
Fung, A. Y. H., Lau, A. H. Y The Role of Mass Media in Health Care 2020
LEE Lap Fung FrancisScandals, Media Effects and Public Opinion 2019
Francis Lee, Gary Tang Perceived Outcomes and Willingness to Retreat among Umbrella Movement Participants 2019
LEE Lap Fung FrancisSelf-censorship. In The International Encyclopedia of Journalism Studies 2019
LEE Lap Fung FrancisMEDIASCAPE AND MOVEMENT: The Dynamics of Political Communication, Public and Counterpublic 2019
SO York Kee Clement C. Y. Leung's Policy Address Agenda and Characteristics: Analysis and Comparison 2020


III. Journal Articles

Author list Title Year Details
CHAN Che MingDigital Communications and Psychological Well-Being Across the Life Span: Examining the Intervening Roles of Social Capital and Civic Engagement 2018
Chan, M., & Chan, H.-T., & Lee, F.Examining the Roles of Political Social Network and Internal Efficacy on Social Media News Engagement: A Comparative Study of Six Asian Countries 2018
CHAN Che MingMobile-Mediated Multimodal Communications, Relationship Quality and Subjective Well-Being: An Analysis of Smartphone Use from a Life Course Perspect 2018
Chan M.Networked Counterpublics and Discursive Contestation in the Agonistic Public Sphere: Political Jamming a Police Force Facebook Page 2018
CHAN Che MingPartisan Strength and Social Media Use Among Voters During the 2016 Hong Kong Legislative Council Election: Examining the Roles of Ambivalence and Disagreement 2018
CHAN Che MingReluctance to Talk About Politics in Face-to-Face and Facebook Settings: Examining the Impact of Fear of Isolation, Willingness to Self-Censor, and Peer Network Characteristics 2018
Lee PSN, So CYK, Lee F, Leung L, Chan MSocial Media and Political Partisanship – A Subaltern Public Sphere's Role in Democracy 2018
Chen Hsuan-TingRevisiting the Privacy Paradox on Social Media With an Extended Privacy Calculus Model: The Effect of Privacy Concerns, Privacy Self-Efficacy, and Social Capital on Privacy Management 2018
Chen Hsuan-TingSpiral of Silence on Social Media and the Moderating Role of Disagreement and Publicness in the Network: Analyzing Expressive and Withdrawal Behaviors 2018
Chu D.Media Use and Protest Mobilization: A Case Study of Umbrella Movement Within Hong Kong Schools 2018
Michael Keane, Anthony Fung. Digital Platforms: Exerting China's New Cultural Power in the Asia-Pacific 2018
Chan C. K., Fung A. Y. H.Disarticulation Between Civic Values and Nationalism: Mapping Chinese State Nationalism in Post-Handover Hong Kong 2018
Ding N, Zhou W, Fung AYHEmotional Effect of Cinematic VR Compared with Traditional 2D Film" 2018
冯应谦, 卓伯棠, 李道新, 赵卫防, 周星 时代新语境下的香港电影 2018
FUNG Ying Him Anthony.Between Dislocated and Relocated Inter-Asian Popular Music Studies: Academic Discourse and Possibilities 2019
PUN Lok Fai, YIN Yiyi, FUNG Ying Him AnthonyCareer, Lifestyle and Public Discourse among Professional League of Legends Competitors 2019
HOYNG Rolien SusanneAggregations of the Opaque: Rethinking Datafication and E-Wast 2019
HUANG Yi Hui, Lyu C. A Thirty-Year Review and Future Directions on Excellence Study 2018
Yi-Hui Christine Huang, Sora Kim. Cultures of Crisis Response: Chinese Public Relations Practices in Context 2018
Lu Yuanhang, Huang Yi-Hui Christine. Getting Emotional: An Emotion-Cognition Dual-Factor Model of Crisis Communication 2018
HUANG Yi Hui.The Creativity, Innovation, and Key Mindset of Public Relations Campaign(公共關係策劃的創意、創新與關鍵思維) 2018
Kim S., Ferguson M.A.T.. Dimensions of Effective CSR Communication Based on Public Expectations 2018
KIM Sora, Sung K. Do Organizational Personification and Personality Matter? The Effect of Interaction and Conversational Tone on Relationship Quality in Social Media 2018
KIM SoraThe Process of CSR Communication—Culture-Specific or Universal? Focusing on Mainland China and Hong Kong Consumers 2018
Xiaochen Angela Zhang, Jonathan Borden, Sora KimUnderstanding Publics' Post-Crisis Social Media Engagement Behaviors: An Examination of Antecedents and Mediators 2018
Kelvin K. F. Tsoi, Nicholas B. Chan, Felix C. H. Chan, Lingling Zhang, Annisa C. H. Lee, Helen M. L. Meng. How Can We Better Use Twitter to Find a Person Who Got Lost Due to Dementia? 2018
LEE Lap FungChanging Political Economy of the Hong Kong Media 2018
Zhang Nick Yin, LEE Lap Fung. Examining the Connectedness of Connective Action: The Participant-Initiated Facebook Pages in Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement 2018
LEE Lap Fung.Internet Alternative Media, Movement Experience, and Radicalism: The Case of Post-Umbrella Movement Hong Kong 2018
LEE Lap Fung.Social Media, Political Information Cycle, and the Evolution of News: The 2017 Chief Executive Election in Hong Kong 2018
LEE, Lap Fung.The Role of Perceived Social Reality in the Adoption of Postmaterial Value: The Case of Hong Kong 2018
李立峯, 王海燕. 數字化時代的新聞與公共傳播:李立峯教授訪談錄 2018
Fan, Hua and Lee, Francis L. F.Judicial Visibility Under Responsive Authoritarianism: A Study of the Live Broadcasting of Court Trials in China 2019
LEE Lap Fung Francis流動的人、流動的傳播 2019
Ashley M. Jackson, Lindsay A. Mullican, Jingjing Yin, Zion Tsz Ho Tse, Hai Liang, King-Wa Fu, Jennifer O. Ahweyevu, Jimmy J. Jenkins III, Nitin Saroha, Isaac Chun-Hai Fung. #CDCGrandRounds and #VitalSigns: A Twitter Analysis 2018
Liang H, Shen F. Birds of a Schedule Flock together: Social Networks, Peer Influence, and Digital Activity Cycles 2018
LIANG HaiBroadcast Versus Viral Spreading: The Structure of Diffusion Cascades and Selective Sharing on Social Media 2018
Blankenship E. B., Goff M. E., Yin J., Tse Z. T. H., Fu K. W., Liang H., Saroha N., Fung I. C. H. Sentiment, Contents and Retweets: A Study of Two Vaccine-Related Twitter Data Sets 2018
Isaac Chun-Hai Fung, Jing Zeng, Chung-Hong Chan, Hai Liang, Jingjing Yin, Zhaochong Liu, Zion Tsz Ho Tse, King-Wa Fu. Twitter and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, South Korea, 2015: A Multi-Lingual Study 2018
Jordan SE, Hovet SE, Fung ICH, Liang H, Fu KW, Tse ZTH Using Twitter for Public Health Surveillance from Monitoring and Prediction to Public Response 2018
Md Mohiuddin Adnan, Jingjing Yin, Ashley M Jackson, Zion Tsz Ho Tse, Hai Liang, King-Wa Fu, Nitin Saroha, Benjamin M Althouse, Isaac Chun-Hai Fung World Pneumonia Day 2011-16: Twitter Contents and Retweets 2018
Liang H, Fung ICH, Tse ZTH, Yin JJ, Chan CH, Pechta LE, Smith BJ, Marquez-Lameda RD, Meltzer MI, Lubell KM, Fu KW How Did Ebola Information Spread on Twitter: Broadcasting or Viral Spreading? 2019
Peng TQ, Liang H, Zhu JJH. Introducing Computational Social Science for Asia-Pacific Communication Research 2019
Liang H, Fu KW. Network Redundancy and Information Diffusion: The Impacts of Information Redundancy, Similarity, and Tie Strength 2019
Fung I.C.-H., Yin J., Pressley K.D., Duke C.H., Mo C., Liang H., Fu K.-W., Tse Z.T.H., Hou S.-I Pedagogical Demonstration of Twitter Data Analysis: A Case Study of World AIDS Day, 2014 2019
Oscar GANDY, TSUI Lok Man. On Personal Data Protection, Privacy and Surveillance 2018
TSUI Lok Man, Fei Shen. Revisiting the Asian Values Thesis: An Empirical Study of Asian Values, Internet Use, and Support for Freedom of Expression in 11 Societies 2018
Lokman Tsui, Stuart Hargreaves Who Decides What is ‘Personal Data’? Utilizing the Access Principle with Telecommunications and Internet Providers in Hong Kong 2019
WITTEBORN SaskiaThe Digital Force in Forced Migration: Imagined Affordances and Gendered Practices 2018
WITTEBORN SaskiaThe Digital Gift and Aspirational Mobility 2019
Ip Ching Yin, Liang Chaoyun, Wu Shih Chia, Law Kris Mo Yin, Liu Huei-Ching. Enhancing Social Entrepreneurial Intentions Through Entrepreneurial Creativity: A Comparative Study Between Taiwan and Hong Kong 2018
Ip Ching Yin, Wu Shih Chia, Liu Huei-Ching, Liang Chaoyun. Social Entrepreneurial Intentions of Students From Hong Kong 2018
CHEN Hsuan-TingSecond Screening and the Engaged Public: The Role of Second Screening for News and Political Expression in an O-S-R-O-R Model. 2019
Gil de Zúñiga, H., & Chen, H.-T. Digital Media and Politics: Effects of the Great Information and Communication Divides 2019
FUNG Ying Him AnthonyReading Border-Crossing Japanese Comics/Anime in China: Cultural Consumption, Production and Imagination 2019
FUNG Ying Him AnthonyFandomization of Online Video or Television in China 2019
Ji Y., Kim S.Communication-mediated psychological mechanisms of Chinese publics’ post-crisis corporate associations and government associations 2019
Ji, Y., & Kim, S.Crisis-Induced Public Demand for Regulatory Intervention in the Social Media era: Examining the Moderating Roles of Perceived Government Controllability and Consumer Collective Efficacy 2020
KIM SoraThe Process Model of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Communication: CSR Communication and its Relationship with Consumers’ CSR Knowledge, Trust, and Corporate Reputation Perception 2019
Kim, S., & Rim, H-J The Role of Public Skepticism and Distrust in the Process of CSR Communication 2019
TSUI Lok Man, LEE Lap FungHow Journalists Understand the Threats and Opportunities of New Technologies: A Study of Security Mindsets and Its Implications for Press Freedom 2019
Lee F., Chan J. Memory mobilization, generational differences, and communication effects on collective memory about Tiananmen in Hong Kong 2018
Lee, F. L. F., Liang, H., & Tang, G. K. Y. Online Incivility, Cyberbalkanization, and the Dynamics of Opinion Polarization During and After a Mass Protest Event 2019
LEE Lap Fung FrancisPolitical Scandals Under Responsive Authoritarianism: The Case of the Bo Xilai Trial in China 2018
Tang, Gary K. Y., & Lee, Francis L. FSocial Media Campaigns, Electoral Momentum, and Vote Shares: Evidence from the 2016 Hong Kong Legislative Council Election 2019
LEE Lap Fung FrancisThe Spillover Effects of Political Scandals: The Moderating Role of Cynicism and Social Media Communications 2018
Lee F., Chan J., Leung D. When a Historical Analogy Fails: Current Political Events and Collective Memory Contestation in the News 2019
Braydon J Schaible, Kassandra R Snook, Jingjing Yin, Ashley M Jackson, Jennifer O Ahweyevu, Muhling Chong, Zion Tsz Ho Tse, Hai Liang, King-Wa Fu, Isaac Chun-Hai Fung Twitter Conversations and English News Media Reports on Poliomyelitis in Five Different Countries, January 2014 to April 2015 2019
Minwei AI, Panfeng HU, Clement Y. K. SO內容分析的變遷面貌:對社會建構現實及其他的思考 2019
SO York Kee Clement資深傳播學者對年輕學人的忠告與期望 2019
蘇鑰機、羅文輝、紀盈如 香港免費報對付費報的替代與時間取代效果:長期追蹤調查研究 2019
TSUI LokmanFree Speech: Ten Principles for a Connected World 2018
TSUI Lok ManThe Importance of Digital Security to Securing Press Freedom 2019
Amanda Meng, Carl DiSalvo, Lokman Tsui, Michael Best The Social Impact of Open Government Data in Hong Kong: Umbrella Movement Protests and Adversarial Politics 2019
Wei, R., Lo, V.-H., & Zhu, Y. Need for Orientation and Third-Person Effects of the Televised Debates in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election 2019
Angela Daly, Thilo Hagendorff, Li Hui, Monique Mann, Vidushi Marda, Ben Wagner, Wei Wang and Saskia WittebornArtificial Intelligence Governance and Ethics: Global Perspectives 2019
Yi-Hui Christine Huang, Olwen Bedford, Yin Zhang. The Relational Orientation Framework for Examining Culture in Chinese Societies 2018
Ran Wei, Ven-Hwei Lo, Katherine Yi-Ning Chen, Edson Tandoc, Guoliang Zhang Press Systems, Freedom of the Press and Credibility: A Comparative Analysis of Mobile News in Four Asian Cities 2019
Zong-Ya Li, Ven-Hwei Lo, Hung-Yi Lu, & Ran WeiEffect of Information-Processing Strategies and Political Discussion on Game and Substance Knowledge 2019
Qian Zhang, Anthony FungIntroduction: Historicizing globalization—Popular musics in Asia and beyond 2019
Isaac Chun-Hai Fung, Elizabeth B Blankenship, Jennifer O Ahweyevu, Lacey K Cooper, Carmen H Duke, Stacy L Carswell, Ashley M Jackson, Jimmy C Jenkins III, Emily A Duncan, Hai Liang, King-Wa Fu, Zion Tsz Ho Tse Public Health Implications of Image-Based Social Media: A Systematic Review of Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Flickr 2019
Kim S., Rim H., Sung K. Online engagement of active communicative behaviors and news consumption on Internet portal sites 2019
尹一伊、羅文輝、盧鴻毅、魏然2016年臺灣總統選舉年輕族群之第三人效果研究 The third-person effect of 2016 presidential election of Taiwan among young generation 2020
Chu S., Chen H., Gan C. Consumers’ engagement with corporate social responsibility (CSR) communication in social media: Evidence from China and the United States 2020
Hsuan-Ting Chen, Lei Guo, Chris Chao Su Network Agenda Setting, Partisan Selective Exposure, and Opinion Repertoire: The Effects of Pro- and Counter-Attitudinal Media in Hong Kong 2020
WITTEBORN SaskiaData Privacy and Displacement: A Cultural Approach 2020
楊盈龍, 馮應謙社會表演理論視角下的粉絲文化研究——以偶像養成類節目《創造101》王菊粉絲為案例 2019
Lun Zhang, Anthony FUNGComputational Approaches to Opinion Dynamics Research on Social Media 2019
Lun Zhang, Anthony FUNGOpinion Dynamics Research on Social Media: Breakthroughs and Challenges 2020
Yuner Zhu, King-Wa Fu, Karen A. Grépin, Hai Liang, Isaac Chun-Hai Fung Limited Early Warnings and Public Attention to Coronavirus Disease 2019 in China, January–February, 2020: A Longitudinal Cohort of Randomly Sampled Weibo Users 2020
Miao WS, Chan LSBetween sexuality and professionalism: Experiences of gay workers at Blued, a Chinese gay social app company 2020
Liu X., Lo V.H., Wei R.Violent Videogames, Telepresence, Presumed Influence, and Support for Taking Restrictive and Protective Actions 2020
Einwiller S.A., Kim S.How Online Content Providers Moderate User-Generated Content to Prevent Harmful Online Communication: An Analysis of Policies and Their Implementation 2020
Miao, W., & Chan, L. S. Social constructivist account of the world’s largest gay social app: Case study of Blued in China 2020
Wei, R., Liu., X., & Liu, X. Examining the perceptual and behavioral effects of mobile internet fraud: A social network approach 2019
李宗亞, 羅文輝, 盧鴻毅. 魏然資訊處理策略與政治討論對賽局性 知識與實質性知識的影響 The impact of information processing strategies and political discussion on game knowledge and substance knowledge 2019
WANG Xiao, HUANG Yi-Hui ChristineUncovering the role of strategic orientation in translating communication strategies to organizational performance: An analysis of practitioners from two Chinese societies 2020
Huang YHC, Lu YH, Kao L, Choy CHY, Chang YT Mainframes and Mandarins: The Impact of Internet Use on Institutional Trust in East Asia 2020
Huang YHC, Lu YH, Choy CHY, Kao L, Chang YT How Responsiveness Works in Mainland China: Effects on Institutional Trust and Political Participation 2020
黄懿慧, 王啸, 方慧妍. 吴秋荻 政府信任对公共健康风险管理的影响——基于长生生物疫苗事件的创设情境研究 The Impact of Government Trust on the Public Health Risk Management: An Empirical Study Based on Changsheng Bio-Technology Vaccine Incident 2019
CHAN Che Ming MichaelThe Practicalities of a Contextual Approach in Comparative Political Communication Research 2019
HOYNG Rolien SusanneFrom Open Data to “Grounded Openness”: Recursive Politics and Postcolonial Struggle in Hong Kong 2020
HOYNG Rolien SusannePlatforms for Populism? The Affective Issue Crowd and Its Disconnections 2020
Bandurski D, Fang KechengIntroduction - The Rise and Fall of Southern Weekly and the Changing Landscape of Journalism in China: A Pivotal Event 2020
Lee F. L. F., Yuen, S., Cheng E. W., Tang G., and Liang H.Dynamics of tactical radicalization and public receptiveness in Hong Kong’s anti-extradition bill movement 2020
LEE Lap Fung, LIANG HaiMulti-ethnicity as a moderator of contextual effects on tolerance: The case of Hong Kong 2020
LEE Lap Fung, LIANG HaiPerceived threat of a linguistic community and context effect on attitude toward immigration in Hong Kong 2020
HOYNG Rolien SusanneMaterial Politics Facing Post‐Truth: Speculation, Infrastructure, and Ecology in Turkey 2020
何威, 曹书乐, 丁妮, 馮應謙工作、福祉与获得感:短视频平台上的创意劳动者研究 2020
楊盈龍, 馮應謙「本真性」塑造:垂直類音樂綜藝節目符號與意義的文化生產 2020
林磊, 冯应谦Utopia under Affective Labor: A Case study of Linqaoqimin. 情動勞動生產下的感性烏托幫:以《臨高啟明》為例 2019
Lee FLF, Yuen S, Tang G, Cheng EW Hong Kong's Summer of Uprising: From Anti-Extradition to Anti-Authoritarian Protests 2019
Francis Lee, Gary Tang, Chung-Kin Tsang Understanding Investment Culture: Ideologies of Financialization and Hong Kong Young people's Lay Theories of Investment 2019
Francis L. F. Lee, Zhang Yin A Network Analytic Approach to Selective Consumption of Newspapers: The Impact of Politics, Market, and Technological Platform 2019
Francis Lee, Gary Tang, Chung-Kin Tsang Financialization and Generational Differences in the Correlates of Perceived Importance of Investment in Hong Kong 2019
袁瑋熙, 鄧鍵一, 李立峯, 鄭煒 示威現場:香港反修例運動的現場調查方法 2019
LEE Lap Fung Francis後真相時代的社會運動、媒體,和資訊政治:香港反修例運動的經驗。 2020
LEE Lap Fung FrancisSolidarity in the Anti-Extradition Bill movement in Hong Kong 2019
Chu S., Chen H.Impact of consumers' corporate social responsibility-related activities in social media on brand attitude, electronic word-of-mouth intention, and purchase intention: A study of Chinese consumer behavior 2019
Chan M., Li X. Smartphones and psychological well-being in China: Examining direct and indirect relationships through social support and relationship satisfaction 2019
Chu D.An (un)romantic journey: Authentic performance in a Chinese dating show 2020
Chu D.Civic intentionality in youth media participation: the case of Hong Kong 2020
HOYNG Rolien Başka araçlarla siyaset: Hong Kong’ta post-dijital oyun” (Politics by other means: Post-digital gameplay in Hong Kong) 2020
Crete-Nishihata M., Oliver J., Parsons C., Walker D., Tsui L., Deibert R. The Information Security Cultures of Journalism 2020
李宗亚, 罗文辉, 魏然, 张国良, 陈忆宁, Edson Tandoc 手机新闻使用、导向需求与信息环境对政治知识的影响 2020
CHEN Hsuan Ting社交媒體與公私界限 Social Media and the Boundary between Public and Private 2020
Chan M., Hu P., & Mak M. K. F. Mediation Analysis and Warranted Inferences in Media and Communication Research: Examining Research Design in Communication Journals From 1996 to 2017 2020
LEE Lap Fung, CHAN Che Ming, CHEN Hsuan TingSocial Media and Protest Attitudes during Movement Abeyance: A study of Hong Kong University Students 2020


IV. Conference Papers

Author list Title Year Details
CHAN Che MingDigital Communications and Psychological Well-Being Across Different Age Groups: Examining the Mediating Roles of Individual Social Capital and Civic Engagement 2018
CHAN Che Ming, CHEN Hsuan Ting, LEE Lap FungExamining Social Media News Engagement in Six Asian Countries and The Roles of Political Social Networks and Efficacy 2018
CHAN Che MingParty Identification and Support for Normative and Non-Normative Political Actions in Hong Kong: Examining the Moderating Roles of Alternative Media and Social Media News Use 2018
CHAN Che Ming, TONG Cicy Seniors and Smartphones: An examination from a Usage and Symbolic Perspective 2018
Lee P. S. N., So C. Y., Leung L., Lee F. L. F., Chan M.The Impact of Social Media on Political Stance 2018
CHAN Che MingEthnic Identity and Processing of Prime-Time News: Examining the Role of Music and National Anthem 2019
LEE Lap Fung, CHAN Che Ming, CHEN Hsuan Ting, Nielsen R, Fletcher R. News Feed Curation on Social Media as Active Personalization: A Study of Six East Asian Market 2019
CHEN Hsuan TingExamining the Role of Second Screening in Influencing Political Engagement 2018
CHEN Hsuan TingIncidental Exposure to Disagreement and (De)Polarization 2018
CHEN Hsuan TingRevisiting the Privacy Paradox on Mobile Social Media with an Extended Privacy Calculus Model 2018
CHU Shun Chi DonnaNon-Participation in Social Media: A Case of "Strategic Uses" of Media Literacy Among Hong Kong Youth 2018
Chu D.Plenary Discussion: International Dialogue on Mediatisation of Childhood and Adolescence in the Digital Age 2018
FUNG, Ying Him Anthony.DIY Culture, Music Scene and Pop Music in China 2018
FUNG Ying Him Anthony, Wei He.From Battle Royale to Core Socialist Values: Analyzing the Discourse Strategies of Chinese Gaming Industry 2018
FUNG Ying Him Anthony, PUN Lok Fai. Reading Border-Crossing Japanese Comics/Anime in China: Cultural Consumption, Production and Imagination 2018
Anthony FUNG.從全球角度看中國電影 2018
FUNG Ying Him Anthony青年創新研究評論 2018
FUNG Ying Him Anthony.Fandom Studies: Cases and Methodology 2019
HOYNG Rolien Susanne, Es M.. Accidental publics: Infrastructure and Ecological Relations in Istanbul 2018
HOYNG Rolien Susanne, Es M.. Infrastructure, Ecology and Publics in Post-Global Istanbul 2018
HOYNG Rolien Susanne, Es M.. Measuring the Populist Pulse: Digital Intimacy and Its Metadata in Turkey 2018
HOYNG Rolien SusannePost-Digital Gameplay in Hong Kong 2018
HOYNG Rolien SusanneSpinning Beyond Control: Matter-Data-Image in E-Waste Recycling 2018
Christine Hiu Ying Choy, Yi-Hui Christine HuangCrises of Academic Legitimacy in Chinese Public Relations Discipline from 1985 to 2016 2018
HUANG Christine Yi-Hui, WANG Xiao. Reputation Management or Relationship Management: Competing Managerial Public Relations Frameworks in China and Hong Kong 2018
Ivy Wai Yin Fong, Yi-Hui Christine Huang. Right to Disconnect: A Cure-All for Work-to-Life Conflict? 2018
HUANG Yi HuiThe Relational Turn in Public Relations Research: Signs of a Digital-Era Paradigm Shift in Communication Studies 2018
Yi-Hui C. Huang, Qiudi Wu, Xiao Wang, Ivy Wai Yin Fong Differentiating Between Experiential and Affective Risk Perception: An Exploratory Approach to Substantiating the Tripartite Mode 2019
Yi-Hui C. Huang, Ivy Wai Yin Fong, Xiao Wang, Qiudi Wu. Examining Health Risk Assessment in High Institutional Trust Context: An Integrative Approach Incorporating Causal Chain Model and Dual Process Model of Risk Perception 2019
KIM, SoraConsumer Expectations on CSR Communication: China, Hong Kong, and the US 2018
KIM Sora, Kang Hoon Sung, Hyejoon Rim New Frames during Former President Park Scandal and Public Reaction 2018
KIM Sora, EINWILLER Sabine. Organizations' Responsibility to Curb Harmful Online Communication 2018
LEE LAI AnnisaExploring The Social Fractal Theory in Social Networking Sites– The Case of Using Twitters to Find Dementia Patients 2018
Zhang Yin, Lee F.. Examining the Connectedness of Connective Action: The Participant-Initiated Facebook Pages in Umbrella Movement 2018
Fan Hua, Lee F.. Judicial Visibility under Consultative Authoritarianism: A Study of the Live Broadcasting of Court Trials in China 2018
SO York Kee Clement, LEUNG Wing Chi Louis, LEE Lap Fung, CHENG Xiaoxuan The Role and Positioning of Chinese Journal of Communication: A Content Analysis 2018
LIANG Hai, TANG Gary, LEE Lap FungNormalizing Swearing Online: An Unintended Consequence of a Large-Scale Political Movement in Hong Kong 2019
Liang H., Shen F.. Social Network and Daily Rhythms on Twitter 2018
LIANG HaiStructural Virality, Selective Sharing, and Political Diversity 2018
Liang H.The Depth of Diffusion Cascades and Political Diversity 2018
Guan Lu, Liang Hai, Zhu J. H. J.. Predicting Reposting Latency of News Content in Social Media: A Focus on Issue Attention, Temporal Usage Pattern, and Information Redundancy 2019
SO York Kee Clement, Yuan K. C., Goroshnikova T., Smakhtin E. S., Tang R., Kwong K., McGuire S., Prabhu V., Zhang Y.. The Good Life and Leadership: Commonalities and Differences Among Students in 7 Cities Around the World 2018
SO York Kee Clement, CHENG Xiaoxuan, TANG Lipei, HU Yang. Comparing Mainland Chinese and Hong Kong Communication Journals: Journalism and Communication vs. Communication and Society 2018
WITTEBORN SaskiaSocial Justice and the Ethnography of Communication 2018
CHAN Che Ming, CHEN Hsuan Ting, LEE Lap FungA Comparative Analysis of Social Media News Engagement in Asia 2018
CHAN Che MingJMCQ Special Issue Research panel session: Social Media and Political Campaigning Around the World 2018
CHAN Che Ming, LEE Lap Fung, CHEN Hsuan TingStructure of Social Media News Engagement and Impact on News Literacy: A Global Comparison of Ten Democracies 2019
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