To bridge the School of Journalism and Communication and the community, the C-Centre sets up online and traditional channels to publicize the state-of-the-art research in media, communication, and culture by the School’s faculty, current students and alumni. With Prof. Eric Ma as the Editor-in-Chief, a variety of and monographs “talk” to the general public, with less academic jargon but more attention to the societies in Greater China.


The Award-winning Student Paper Series

As a collection of award-winning research from the School’s outstanding research students, these papers attained international recognition in peer-reviewed conferences—ICA, NCA, AEJMC, WAPOR, IAMCR and the like. Go through the pieces and be inspired! (Available in English only)

Hong Kong Society & Culture Series

The “Pop” Monographs Series

Not all studies termed academic are dull, especially when it comes to media and popular cultural studies. Based on empirical research and written in readable and accessible styles, the series features urban popular culture such as Street Dance, Café culture and Rock Music, etc. The “Pop” Monographs consists of observations of everyday life with academic eyes. Explore the intriguing side of “academic” research here!