Chinese Journal of Communication (Indexed in SSCI since 2008)

Launched in 2008, The Chinese Journal of Communication (CJC), is a scholarly publication aimed at elevating Chinese communication studies along theoretical, empirical, and methodological dimensions, while contributing to the understanding of media, information, and communication phenomena around the world. This refereed journal serves as an important international platform for scholars and students in Chinese communication studies to exchange ideas and research results. Interdisciplinary in scope, it will examine subjects in all Chinese societies in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore, and the global Chinese diasporas.

The CJC welcomes scholarly works using social scientific or humanistic approaches on such topics as mass communication, journalism studies, telecommunications, rhetoric, cultural studies, media effects, new communication technologies, organizational communication, interpersonal communication, advertising and public relations, political communication, communications law and policy, and so on. Articles employing historical and comparative analysis focused on traditional Chinese culture as well as contemporary processes such as globalization, deregulation, and democratization are also welcome.

Published by Routledge, CJC is institutionally based at the Centre for Chinese Media and Comparative Communication Research, the School of Journalism and Communication, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. For more details, please visit here

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Communication & Society (ICA Affiliate Journal, Indexed in TSSCI since 2013)

Communication & Society is a refereed journal that publishes four issues a year, in January, April, July and October. It is a joint publication of the Centre for Chinese Media and Comparative Communication Research, School of Journalism and Communication, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and the Centre of Media and Communication Research, School of Communication, Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU).

Communication and Society has been accepted into the Taiwan Social Science Citation Index (TSSCI). All articles of Communication and Society, starting from Issue 23, January 2013, will be indexed in TSSCI. Also, the journal had been officially designated as an affiliate journal of International Communication Association (ICA). It is the first Journal in the world listed as an ICA Affiliate Journal.

Launched in December 2006, the journal serves the rapidly expanding research community in Greater China and other parts of the world. It aims to achieve three major goals. The first is to promote the development of communication science in Chinese through the publication of original and state-of-the-art research reports. The second is to serve as a bridge between scholarship in the East and West and to promote transborder perspectives in research. The third is to foster an interdisciplinary approach to the study of communication.

Research articles form the bulk of the Journal’s contents. It also features periodic exchanges with world-renown scholars in social science in general and communication in particular. For more details, please visit the journal website (in Chinese)

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