Below are the recent publications published by affiliates of C-Centre in AY2016-2017. The publications are listed under five categories:

I Scholarly books, monographs and chapters
II Journal publications
III Conference papers
IV Creative and literary works, consulting reports and case studies
V All other outputs


I. Scholarly Books, Monographs and Chapters

Author / Editor Title Year Details
So, C.Y.K. Mapping Comparative Communication Research: What the Literature Reveals 2017.06.22
Qiu, J.L. Image-Driven Nationalism: Visuality, Digital Platform, and Generation Post-80s 2017.04
利嘉敏 互聯網 + 企業公關案例與策略 2017.03
Yin, Y. & Fung, A.Y.H. Youth Online Cultural Participation and Bilibili: An Alternative Form of Democracy in China? 2017.02
Fung, A.Y.H. The Impact of the Rise of Mobile Games on the Creativity and Structure of the Games Industry in China 2017.01
Wang, G. & Huang, C.Y.H. Comparative Guanxi Research Following the Commensurability/Incommensurability (C/I) Model 2017
Lee Lai, A.C.H. Advertising Regulations in Hong Kong 2016.12.01
蕭小穗, 黃懿慧, 宋韻雅 透視傳播與社會 2016.12
Fung, A.Y.H. & Pun, L.F. From Pioneering Amateur to Tamed Co-operator: The Tamed Desires and Untamed Resistance Under the Cosplay Scene in China 2016.12
Lee, F.L.F. (ed.) Media, Mobilization and the Umbrella Movement 2016.11.09
Qiu, J.L. Goodbye iSlave: A Manifesto for Digital Abolition 2016.11
Fung, A.Y.H. Bordercrossing, Local Modification, and Transnational Transaction of TV Dramas in East Asia 2016.11
Kim, S., Hwang, J. & Zhang, A.X. The Impact of Organizations’ Ethical Approaches in Times of Crisis 2016.10.14
De Kloet, J. & Fung, A.Y.H. Youth Cultures in China 2016.10
Chan, M.C.M., Lee, F.L.F. & Chen, H.T. Exploring the Potential for Mobile Communications to Engender an Engaged Citizenry: A Comparative Study of University Students in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan 2016.10
羅文輝 第三人效果:一個新興的媒介誒效果理論 2016.08
朱順慈 自由之方 2016.07.29
蘇鑰機 歐美媒體的十二個新趨勢 2016.07
邱林川, 黃煜, 馮應謙.編 傳播學大師訪談錄 - 《傳播與社會學刊》創刊十週年文集 2016
蘇鑰機 什麼是新聞? 2016
邱林川 「網絡個人主義」—網絡社會的溝通之道 2016
Stewart, J., Zediker, K. & Witteborn, S. Together: Communicating Interpersonally. A Social Construction Approach 2016
Wei, R. & Lo, V.H. The Third-Person Effect. International Encyclopedia of Political Communication 2016
Fung, A.Y.H. Redefining Creative Labor: A Comparative Framework 2016
Huang, C.Y.H. & Lyu, J.C. One Crisis, Two Responses: A Transboundary Analysis of the Melamine-Tainted Milk Powder Crisis in China and Taiwan 2016
Leung, L. & Zhang, R. Narcissism and Social Media Among Children and Adolescents 2016
Leung, L., Zhang, Y. & Liang, J. Media Addiction 2016
Cheung, K.F. & Fung, A.Y.H. Globalizing the Chinese Online Game Industry: From Incubation and Hybridization to Structural Expansion in the Past Two Decades 2016
Fung, A.Y.H. Global Game Industries and Cultural Policy 2016
Witteborn, S. & Zhang, X. Diaosi as a Way of Relating in Contemporary China 2016
Fung, A.Y.H. & Ho, V. Cultural Policy, Chinese National Identity and Globalisation 2016
Huang, C.Y.H., Wu, F., Cheng, Y. & Lyu, C. Crisis Communication Research in Greater China 2016
Fung, A.Y.H. Creative Industry and Cultural Policy in Asia Reconsidered 2016
Fung, A.Y.H. & Ho, V. Animation Industry in China: Managed Creativity or State Discourse 2016


II. Journal Publications


III. Conference Papers

Author Title Year Details
Leung, L. & Chen, C. M-Health Adoption in Hong Kong: An Expectation-Confirmation Perspective Exploring the Roles of Technology Readiness, Motivations, and M-Health Activities on Lifestyle Improvement 2017.06
Kao, L., Huang, C.Y.H., Lu, Y. Institutional Responsiveness, Authoritarian Orientation and the Internet’s Impact on Institutional Trust across East Asia 2017.06
Rundnick, L., Wittborn, S., Edmonds, R. & Morgan, E. Engaging Change: Reflections on Carbaugh’s Cultural Discourse Analysis 2017.06
Einwiller, S. & Kim, S. Curbing Harmful Online Communication- A Social Responsibility of Online Platform Operators 2017.06
Fung, A.Y.H. Creative Labor in Gaming/ Animation, TV and Film Industries 2017.05.31
Kim, S. & Ji, Y. What Do Chinese Consumers Expect for CSR Communication? Focusing on Communication Source, Media Channels, and Content Preferences 2017.05
Liang, H. The Implications of Computational Methods for Comparative Studies 2017.05
Chen, H.T. & Li, X. The Contribution of Mobile Social Media to Social Capital and Psychological Wellbeing: Examining the Role of Communicative Use, Friending, and Self-Disclosure 2017.05
So, C.Y.K. & Lo, V.H. Substitution and Time Displacement Effects of Hong Kong Free Newspapers on Paid Newspapers: A Longitudinal Study 2017.05
Gan, C. & Lee, F.L.F. Social Media Use, Political Affect, and Participation among University Students in Urban China 2017.05
Reich, S., Reinecke L., Hefner, D., Winkler J., Hopp, F.R., Knop, K., Chan, M.C.M., Owen, B. & Vorderer, P. Self-Construal, Cultural Values and Everyday Life with a Smartphone: Intercultural Differences in Being Permanently Online and Connected 2017.05
Tang, G.K.Y. & Lee, F.L.F. Predicting Election Performance by Candidates’ Facebook Fan Page: Evidence from Hong Kong Legislative Council Election 2016 2017.05
Zhu, J.J.H., Guan, L.U., Liang, H. & Peng T. New Bottle of Old Wine VS. Old Bottle of New Wine: What Contributions Have Computational Methods Made to Social Media Research? 2017.05
Chan, M.C.M. Networked Counterpublics and Discursive Contestation in the Agonistic Public Sphere: Political Jamming a Police Force Facebook Page 2017.05
Chan, M.C.M. & Leung, R. Multimodal Connectedness, Family Communications and Wellbeing: Examining Young People's Use of Online Communications with Their Parents 2017.05
Ma, Q.Y. & Leung, L. Gaining Access to Social Capital: The Effects of Gratifications-sought, Personality, and Self-efficacy on LinkedIn Use and Social Capital 2017.05
Chen, H.T. & Gan, C. Fear of Isolation, Willingness to Self-Censor, and Refrain from Expression on Social Media: The Moderating Role of Network Characteristics 2017.05
Chan, M.C.M. Facebook Page Data Extraction for Non-Programmers: Introducing the Netvizz and Facepager Tools 2017.05
Ji, Y. & Kim, S. Corporate Crises in China: Publics’ Institutional Associations of Government Ability and Social Responsibility 2017.05
Mcguire, S.J.J., Kwong, K., Prabhu, V., Tang, R.L., So, C.Y.K., Li, X. & Shen, M. Social Intelligence, Work Ethic, and Online Behavior:Commonalities and Contrasts among Chinese, Filipino, Taiwanese, and American College Students 2017.04
Witteborn, S. Refugees and Digital Grammars of Affect 2017.02
蘇鑰機, 李月蓮 數碼科技對新聞的影響:美國傳媒的經驗 2017.01
尹一伊, 羅文輝, 盧鴻毅, 魏然 2016 年台灣總統選舉的第三人效果研究 2017
Wei, R., Lo, V.H. & Rolan, G. Third-Person Effects of China News in Foreign Media and Support for the Chinese Government’s Global Profile-Raising Campaigns 2017
Li, Z., Lo, V.H., Wei, R. & Lu, H. The Impact of Information Processing Strategies and Political Discussion on Public Affairs Knowledge 2017
Witteborn, S. Revisiting the Relationship Between the “Local” and the “Communal” 2017
Witteborn, S. Refugees, Digital Mobility and the City (Eric Section) 2017
Xu, D. & Huang, C.Y.H. Professionalism or Relationalism? How Guanxi Orientation Affected Income and Job Satisfaction of Chinese Public Relations Practitioners Through Public Relations Value 2017
Chu, D.S.C. Generational Divide in Media Use: A Case Study of Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong 2017
Fung, A.Y.H. Creative Labor in Gaming/ Animation, TV and Film Industries 2017
Kim, S. & Ji, Y. Chinese Consumers’ Expectations of Corporate Communication on CSR and Sustainability 2017
Witteborn, S. Autonomy and Independence? Mobile Media as Interventional Tools in Forced Migration 2017
Chu, D.S.C. A Journey of “Waste”: Reflections About Research, Creation and Teaching, Making and Doing Session (Presentation of Creative Output) 2017
Ji, Y., Kim, S. & Zhou, Y. Understanding Active Weibo Users as Activist Publics and Their Online Communication Behaviors in China through a Trans-Border Crisis 2016.12
Witteborn, S. Digital Migration: Refugees and the Digital Knowledge Economy 2016.12
Huang, C.Y.H., Ao, S., Ip, C.Y. & Lu, Y.H. Dialogic Propinquity, Trust in Government and Their Effects on Political Participation in Chinese Society 2016.12
So, C.Y.K. & So, G.H. Exploring the Frontiers of New Media Ethics Research 2016.11
Chen, H.T., Gan, C. & Sun, P. How Does Political Satire Influence Political Participation? Examining the Factors of Exposure to Pro-And Counter-Attitudinal Political Views, Anger, and Personal Issue Importance 2016.08.05
Li, X. & Chan, M.C.M. Comparing Social Media Use, Discussion, Political Trust, and Political Engagement among University Students in China and Hong Kong: An Application of the O-S-R-O-R Model 2016.08.04
Lo, V.H., Wei, R., Zhang, X. & Guo, L. Theoretical and Methodological Patterns of Third-Person Effect Research: A Comparative Thematic Analysis of Asia and the World 2016.08
Huang, C.Y.H. & Chang, Y.T. Talking Back: Digital Communication and the Erosion of Authoritarian Values in China 2016.08
Chan, M.C.M. Reluctance to Talk Face-To-Face and Post on Facebook about Politics: Examining the Roles of Fear of Isolation, Willingness to Self-Censor, and Network Structure 2016.08
Leung, L. & Liang, J. Psychological Traits, Addiction Symptoms, and Smartphone Feature Usage as Predictors of Problematic Smartphone Use among University Students in China 2016.08
Lee Lai, A.C.H. Advertising Alcohol in the Evidence-Based Way: Constructing a Threatful and Harmful Drinking Advice Campaign for the General Population in Hong Kong 2016.08
So, C.Y.K., Guo, L., Chan, O.Y., Cheung, K.F. & Sun, P. Using the H-index for Benchmarking Research Performance in the Field of Communication 2016.07.27
Lo, V.H., Zhang, G., So, C.Y.K. & Zhou, Y.M. The Impact of Internet Pornography on Sexual Attitudes and Behavior among College Students in Shanghai and Hong Kong 2016.07.16
Witteborn, S. Forced Migration and Mobile Communication Technologies in Hong Kong 2016.07.10
Lee, F.L.F. When a Historical Analogy Fails: Current Political Events and Collective Memory Contestation in the News 2016.07
Chan, M.C.M. & Tong, C. User-Generated Counter-Hegemonic Discourse in Social Media: The Case of the Hong Kong Police Force Facebook Page 2016.07
Gan, C., So, C.Y.K., Ao, S., Wang, C. & Hu, A. The State of New Media Research in Asia: A Review and Comparison 2016.07
So, C.Y.K., Xu, D., Cheung, K.F., Guo, L., Chan, O.Y. & Sun, P. The Paradigm of Social Media Research in Greater China: A Study of Communication Journals from 2001 to 2015 2016.07
So, C.Y.K. & Lee, A.Y.L. Identifying Issues and Trends of Journalism Ethics Research 2016.07
Chu, D.S.C. Media Literacy and Networked Society: Acquisition, Expression and Exploration of New Communication Competences 2016
Witteborn, S. Digital Connectivity as a Force in Forced Migration 2016
Witteborn, S. Advancements in Digital Migration Studies: An Overview 2016


IV. Creative and Literary Works, Consulting Reports and Case Studies

Author Title Year Details
Chu, D.S.C. A Journey of “Waste”: Reflections about Research, Creation and Teaching, Making and Doing Session 2016.07.30


V. All Other Outputs

Author Title Year Details
蘇鑰機 《香港回歸報道五個框架的蛻變》. 《明報》 - “觀點” 頁A30 2017.06.22
蘇鑰機 《移動為王?報業的平台板塊飄移》. 《明報》 - “觀點” 頁A24 2017.05.18
蘇鑰機 《新聞自由的低潮與明憂》. 《明報》 - “觀點” 頁A29 2017.04.13
蘇鑰機 《特首參選人搶到多少版面?》. 《明報》 - “觀點” 頁A20 2017.03.02
蘇鑰機 《施政報告:用字變化和特首風格》. 《明報》 - “觀點” 頁A28 2017.01.26
蘇鑰機 《10點成功的美國新聞營運經驗》. 《明報》-“觀點” 頁A26 2016.12.15
蘇鑰機 《全球新聞網站流量排名面面觀》. 《明報》-“觀點” 頁A16 2016.11.10
蘇鑰機 《香港新聞網站流量排名知多少》. 《明報》 -“觀點” 頁A26 2016.11.03
蘇鑰機 《全球化下的傳媒營運策略》. 《明報》 - “觀點” 頁A30 2016.10.13
蘇鑰機 《選舉報道的偏向與影響》. 《明報》 - “觀點” 頁A23 2016.10.04
蘇鑰機 《香港傳媒公信力又見新低》. 《明報》 - “觀點” 頁A28 2016.09.08
蘇鑰機 《facebook活動影響立會選情?》. 《明報》 - “觀點” 頁A25 2016.09.01
馮應謙 《欠乏可行發展藍圖的數碼廣播政策註定失敗》. 《傳媒透視》中國, 香港特別行政區: 香港電台 2016.08.26
蘇鑰機 《美國新聞業的新趨勢》. 《明報》 - “觀點” 頁A24 2016.07.28
Leung, L. & Zhang, R. "ICT Use at Home and Telecommuting Practices in Hong Kong". HK: RTHK pgs. 2016.07
蘇鑰機 《NEA的五個新特點》. 《香港新聞行政人員協會30周年紀念特刊》 64-65頁 2016
Leung, L. 《用戶 (user)》. 《中國傳播百科全書傳播學卷》 2016